Award-winning writing

2016 Canadian Community Newspaper Awards

Best Feature Story, 2nd place

Snowshoe builders bring business, tradition back to Teslin

Best Business Writing, 3rd place

Wolverine mine crumbles alongside Yukon Zinc’s finances

2015 Canadian Community Newspaper Awards

Best Environmental Writing, 2nd place

 Fracking committee feels the pressure

Company plans to reboot Kotaneelee gas plant

Meet the frackers

Fracking committee hears from critics and industry

2015 Ma Murray Awards

Feature Series Award, 3rd place

Hope and survival in the wake of violence

Standing up for victims

Men join women in fight against violence

Aboriginal groups take on ending violence

2014 Canadian Community Newspaper Awards

Best Environmental Writing, 3rd place

Chinook numbers continue to plummet

First salmon return to Fox Creek

Best Historical Story, 3rd place

A different sort of Klondike treasure

2014 Ma Murray Awards

Arts & Culture Award, 3rd place

How to make a movie in two days

Yukon filmmaker recharges in Cannes


Incredible Northern stories

I love telling stories about the North and the people who live there. Have a look at a few of my favourites:

The spell of the Yukon River Quest

The people of the Peel

The heroes of Hurricane Alley

First trucks make the long haul to Old Crow


Science and environment in the North

Earth’s changing climate is felt most dramatically in the North. I take great pleasure in learning from the researchers who study this environment, and sharing their stories:

The case of the disappearing salmon

At Old Crow Flats, an ancient landscape sees abrupt changes

Researchers find extreme warming in Arctic’s past

Boreal forest faces fiery future

Yukon’s ‘little furry botanists’ win acclaim



Who doesn't love a good dinosaur (or pterosaur) story? Especially when you throw in a little scientific and economic controversy:

Is Nate Murphy holding a dinosaur for ransom?

How to shut down black markets in velociraptor country

The dinosaur fossil bubble has popped

The great dinosaur hand-off

Giant pterosaurs are changing what we know about flight

What’s the point of T-rex’s tiny arms?

The dino-chickens are coming

This perfectly preserved dinosaur is one in a billion